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Battery-Assist E-Bikes for Rent at Kakurinbo

Kakurinbo offers two battery-assist e-bike types for guests to rent.

Standard city e-bike with basket (two bikes available)

Standard city e-bike with basket (two bikes available)

These comfortable bikes are ideal for getting about hilly Minobusan with ease. Each is equipped with a large basket and a back rack, so you won’t have to carry a backpack. A suggested 2- to 3-hour midday excursion is to ride up to Kuonji and spend some time looking around the temple complex. Next, head down to Fuji River. Along the way, pick up some ready-made meals and drinks at the Lawson convenience store for a relaxing picnic by the river.

Rental price

500 yen per hour. Includes light (front), bike computer (speed, distance, etc.), lock and bike stand.

Rental price 500 yen per hour

High-performance mountain e-bike (two bikes available)

This battery-assist mountain bike has a light frame, fat tires and three modes, perfect for off-road riding and steep hills. A suggested all-day excursion is a ride up to Lake Motosu (the lake on the 1000-yen note) and back. A suggested half-day trip is a ride to the top of Mt. Minobu. Both offer stunning views of Mt. Fuji.

Basic rental price

2,000 yen (covers insurance, accident insurance, maintenance). Includes helmet, light (front and back), bike computer (speed, distance, etc.), combination lock and dedicated charger for multiday use.

Basic rate 2,000 yen

Cost of usage

Please choose from the options below.

One-hour rental plan Basic rate + 1,000 yen per hour
Six-hour plan Basic rate + 3,000 yen = 5,000 yen
One-day plan (bike must be returned by 20:00) Basic rate + 5,000 yen = 7,000 yen
Multiday plan Basic rate + 5,000 yen × number of days used
  • ※ The battery assistance level can be adjusted according to road conditions: OFF (off) ⇔ ECO (weak) ⇔ NORM (middle) ⇔ HIGH (strong)
  • ※ The higher the level, the quicker the battery power is depleted. The battery power level is displayed on the top left of the speedometer.
  • ※ We recommend lowering the battery assistance level when riding downhill or on flat ground to save battery power.
  • ※ Especially in the case of the multiday plan, it may be necessary to charge the battery when the bike is not in use.
  • ※ In the case of an accident or bike trouble (puncture, etc.), please contact Kakurinbo immediately.
  • ※ The mountain e-bike does not have a stand. Please lean the bike up against a wall, etc. when taking a break. Be sure to lock the bike when not in use.


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