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Experiences & Activities Available at Kakurinbo

We would like to introduce the experiential program organized by Kakurinbo.
If you are interested in participating in the program, please inquire through the contact form.

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We also offer temple lunches "Otera-lunch". Please enjoy it together with activities.

TitleNumber of participants/LocationStart time/Duration of the experiencePrice Reservation deadline
Trying on one or more of 13 authentic wedding kimonos
(men's kimonos also available)
from 1 person/Dining of KakurinboAfter lunch/About 30 min1,000 yenNothing
(all-you-can-eat yuba bean curd sheets)
from 2 persons/Dining of KakurinboPM5:30-6:00/About 1 hour3,000 yen Before check-in
Sutra chantingfrom 1 person/Dining of Kakurinbostarts before PM4:00/About 45 min3,000 yen/person Before PM3:00
Sutra copyingfrom 1 person/Dining of KakurinboAnytime/About 1 hour3,000 yen/person Nothing
Morning yogafrom 1 person/Temple hall of Kakurinbo AM 7:30 - /About 30 min3,000 yen/person 7days ago
Bicycle rental from 1 person/AnywhereAnytime/1 hour 500yen/1 person Nothing
(ink brush calligraphy)
from 1 person/About 1 hour Next day of check-in/About 90 min 3,000 yen 7 days ago
(take home the item you have worked on)
from 1 person/Kakurinbo Negotiable/About 2 hour 12,000 yen/person 7 days ago
Minobusan guided tour from 1 person/Around MinobusanNegotiable/ X hour3,000 yen/person 7 days ago
Buddhist bracelet makingfrom 2人 persons/MinobusanDay after check-in/About 2 hour6,000 yen/person 1 day ago
Minobusan guided tour with English-speaking guide from 2 persons/Minobusan Negotiable/About 3 hour 6,000 yen/person 7 days ago
Hanko making
(Personal seal making)
from 1 person/Minobusan Next day of check-in/About 1 hour 6,000 yen/person 7 days ago
Washi(traditional paper) Craftfrom 1 person/About 1 hour Next day of check-in/About 1 hour 6,000 yen 7 days ago
Tea ceremony from 2 persons/Outside of Minobu area Next day of check-in/About 2 hour 5,000 yen 7 days ago
Amehata inkstone makingfrom 1 person/Outside of Minobu area Next day of check-in/About 1 hour 12,000 yen 7 days ago
Buddha statue carvingfrom 1 person/Inside of Minobu area10,000円7days ago
Gagaku traditonal music performance from 1 person/Kakurinbo from check-in/About 90 min 10,000 yen/person Nothing
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